Buying Guide
Buying Guide


Everything you need to know about shopping for duvets, pillows or scatter cushion inners.

All down and feather products, when correctly washed and sterilised will be anti-allergenic. In most instances, allergies are aggravated when companies do not adhere to the correct way of treating down and feather raw filling. All products made and sold by Lifson Linen  are antiallergenic as we have treated our fillings in keeping with the best practice regulations of the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA).

Down is the soft cluster that covers the breast part of a bird and that helps to regulate its vital organs and body temperature across all seasons. Feathers are the hard quills that birds use for flight. Feathers are heavier than down due to the stalky part and a feather-filled duvet can make you sweat.

Whenever possible, opt for a duvet or pillow with a high down content. Down regulates to your body temperature, just as it does with the bird and has a longer lifespan and is more durable.

Filling power is the measure of loft of the down or feather filling that directly relates to the insulation capability of the filling. The higher the filling power the better the quality of the filling. The higher the filling power the less filling you need in a finished product to create the benchmark of a quality down or feather duvet or pillow – warmth without weight.

An easy way to check the filling power of a duvet is to press your weight on the filling and to notice how quickly it ‘springs’ back after being compressed. The quicker the recovery, the better the quality.

Fine Fibre is the best in down alternative filling. It mimics down in terms of feel but is also light, has a high filling power and moulds to your body. It is exclusive to Lifson Linen.

Since geese are larger than ducks, their down clusters are also larger giving Goose Down a higher filling power. Goose Down is considered a better quality of down compared to Duck Down and has a longer lifespan.


Hungarian Goose Down provides unparalleled insulation and lightweight luxury, that is why it is considered the best down filling available. This is attributed to the specialized breeding heritage of Hungarian Geese and the country’s extremely harsh and long winters which enhance the thermal properties of Hungarian Goose Down.

When purchasing a duvet or pillow decide between a natural (down or down and feather filled) or man-made (down alternative or synthetic) filling.

A down or down and feather duvet and pillow has a much longer lifespan than a man-made duvet. It moulds to the body better and can be repurposed as it ages. It is also kinder to the environment.

What size are you looking for? Use our handy guide to decide.

Single – 135x200cm
¾ – 150x200cm
Double- 200x200cm
Queen – 230x200cm
King – 230x220cm
Super King – 260x230cm

Standard – 45x70cm
American – 50x90cm
Continental – 78x78cm

Why European standards and the EDFA?

There is no regulating body in South Africa for the down and feather product industry so we manufacture according to the best practice regulations of the EDFA. The EDFA standards requires that:
a rigorous cleaning, sterilising, de-dusting, grading and sorting process for down and feather is adhered to.
down and feather content must be traceable back to the farm it came from
down and feather content of each product must be noted on the label to avoid misrepresentation to the public.

Who made your duvet?

Some of our team members have been with us since we started in 1994. They create the quality you receive when you buy a Lifson Linen duvet or pillow. Our small team has become experts in making fine bedding and have an artisan’s connection to the product they make – making sure everything that leaves our factory floor is perfect. Because we never mass produce, our team can focus on producing a unique product that will bring you comfort and last you a very long time.

What is Tog rating?
Tog rating indicates the warmth rating of a duvet. The higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. However, Tog does not indicate how well a duvet will regulate to an individual’s body temperature.
– The highest Tog rating is 15
– Tog rating can apply to a natural filling or man-made fibre duvet
– Tog is a British standard