Lifson Linen offers a customisation service, where we change the size and amount of filling in our products according to our clients’ and
customers’ specific requirements. As part of that service, we’ve created a Partner Duvet.

Sometimes, our retail customers can’t agree on which duvet to choose for themselves and their partners. One parter might prefer a warmer and
fuller duvet, while the other prefers something lighter and cooler. Our sleep experts have split the difference, with a fully customised duvet that
has different filling volumes on either side, depending on each partner’s preferences.

It’s a small touch that makes a big difference, providing comfort and luxury on your terms and keeping both sides happy.


Lifson Linen draws on three decades of local industry experience, supported by our team’s collective knowledge of our products and raw materials.
Over that period, we have supplied world-class products to southern Africa’s top lodges and luxury hotels.

And while we know the industry inside-out, we are also clients and customers in our own right. Over the years we have been asked by several leading
lodges to provide our advice on making sure their rooms have the best bedding options. ⁠No wonder: as regular guests to high-end hospitality
establishments, we have unique perspective on both sides of your business.

If you need assistance with choosing the best sleep experience for your guests, please contact us.